March 9th, 2022 The Truck Depot LLC and autonomous truck driving software leader Kodia Robotics are in talks and working towards a working partnership. Not only will Kodiak Robotics be able to offer cutting-edge software to allow the innovation of autonomous driving trucks for the open roads across the United States, but are work together with The Truck Depot LLC to ensure the extended safety of those trucks driving customers.

As said best by the Kodiak Robotics team in the recent past:

“Kodiak was founded by a group of self-driving industry veterans intent on helping solve the trucking industry’s greatest challenges. We believe trucking will see the first widespread adoption of self-driving technology, ultimately saving lives, increasing network efficiency, reducing costs and emissions, and enhancing the quality of life of truck drivers. 

Most importantly, we believe self-driving trucking technology is for everyone. From small fleets to large carriers, our technology can help anyone who hauls goods, and we’re looking for the best partners out there to transform trucking, together.”

The Truck Depot LLC team has been working since 2012 to develop and build the safest and most reliable environment for drivers, owner-operators, and freight owners alike places to park that are consistent across the PNW and the United States. The Truck Depot’s Chairman/CEO stated:

“We feel that working with the great innovations that the team at Kodiak have achieved paired with our consistent environments for trucks to park and maintain safety will be something one of a kind for Kodiak Robotics customers as well as those of Truck Depot LLC’s as well.”

As talks continue it is forecasted that the pairing will see results nearer the summer of 22 in the Texas region. Be on the lookout for more information.