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One of the most difficult, worrisome, and costly aspects of owning a commercial truck, large recreational vehicle, fleet of commercial vehicles, or even construction equipment is to find a secure place to park and store them when not in use. Truck Depot is the solution.

Secure Storage for short or long term commercial vehicles.

Gated security backed by up to date technology like free WiFi and security monitoring.

Warehousing services onsite for load adjustments, de-vanning, etc.

Onsite vehicle repair and/or service facility ASE certified.

Semi Truck and Trailers, Deisel Pusher RV’s, Construction Hevay Equipment, Fleet Storage, and more.

Truck Depot makes available warehouse facilities and yard parking to all its affiliated owner/operators as well as corporate clients. At any given time, hundreds of tractor/trailers can be found in its yards.

(530) 435 - 8023

(503) 360 – 0808

Offering Cross-Docking as part of a Nationwide Network

Happy Customers

“Aurel and the team at Truck Depot have made my life so much easier and gives me peace of mind when i am home and my truck is safe and secure. They are great and reliable!”



“As a female owner operator it was always dangerous for me to have to park my largest investment somewhere while home and then have to go to some dark unsafe place when i was ready to go to work. Now i know i’m safe and so is my truck!”




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