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Truck Parking Package, what is it? (TDPP)

Truck Parking Package, by the truck depot llc, is part of a distinctive truck parking solution that has been created from over seven years of operating and managing profitable truck parking and services facilities in the Pacific Northwest. We have brought together a product that, right out of the “Box”, will allow businesses, and landowners, the opportunity to build a profitable stand alone business, or accent a pre existing business, in an emerging high demand market across the entire USA. Truck Depot LLC is the industry leader in the secured commercial truck parking and services industry. No other corporation has been in the exclusive secured truck parking industry as long as we have. We have taken our years of knowledge and packaged the do’s and the don’ts all in order to help business owners, states, and local departments of transportation to better serve the trucking and logistics industry. No longer is there a need to perform costly truck parking studies, that take months and tens of thousands of dollars to perform. The benefits of having an experienced partner in any business venture are incalculable and not only save businesses and communities thousands of dollars but also help to avoid expensive pitfalls that can lead to failure in any new venture. Many ask what the Truck Parking Package by The Truck Depot is, let us explain.


“The Truck Depot Technology Sensors have been in daily operation in Germany and other countries worldwide since 2015 and have proven to be extremely precise and reliable.”

What does it do?

Truck Depot Parking Sensors is a disruptive technology, developed and built in Germany, which reliably and systemically gathers information on available and occupied parking spaces in real time.

  • Truck Depot Sensors can cover up to 300 spaces per single sensor
  • Truck Depot Sensors are easily mounted on façades, lamp posts or masts without requiring roadworks
  • Truck Depot Sensors are plug-and-play
  • Truck Depot Sensors are mobile and can easily be relocated
  • Truck Depot Sensors have a range of up to 400 m and up to 320 degrees
  • Truck Depot Sensors measure the exact GPS position and the size of the available spaces
  • Truck Depot Sensors are fully compliant with any privacy rights; no video streaming leaves the sensors; all image processing inside the sensor through high performance octa-core on-board computing power

Instead of the use and need for parking sensors to be drilled and placed in the ground at every parking spot, and the included high costs of each sensor and the labor to electrically connect up to hundreds of spots, the truck depot parking package (TDPP) systems technology allows for highly advanced cameras, and sensors, on light poles to monitor a set grid of parking spaces and read them in live time. The technology allows  information to be recorded and delivered as to how many spaces are occupied, how long they have been occupied, and if they are empty and available to be parked on. This system allows property owners to be able to increase time efficiency and increase revenues in live reported times to a proprietary software management system. The Truck Depot Truck Parking Package system reduces the need for million dollar parking technology investment based on the costs of each parking space and the reduced costs of lost revenues due to antique technology. Add into this scenario a decrease in the need for large numbers of human staff to monitor the parking facility, and it is easy to see the benefits for business owners, truck operators, and the communities they drive in.

The Truck Depot Truck Parking Package (TDDP) comes with a site plan evalutation that our in-house team performs thus mapping out and developing a blueprint fro the optimal parking spaces for your property size and dimension. The each package is designed with the correct amount of sensors and cameras to optimize the live monitoring of your application. As part of each package there is the propriatry software that serves as the administration backend of the program giving your team a dashboard for each unit and monitoring and beyond.


What do you need?

TDPP© Sensors

Mounted on façades, lamp posts or masts, TDPP© overhead sensors reliably and systemically identify available and occupied parking spaces in real time. Choose TDPP© sensors to cover 16 up to 100 parkings spaces, depending on the height of the installation.

TDPP© Software

Smart and user-friendly parking management software that allows communication of real time information to the operator. TDPP© parking management software offers valuable visualization of parking data and the ability to increase parking revenues.

What do you get?

Depending on the size of the installation and your requirements:

TDPP©’s operational software to get statistics about parking usage and optimization possibilities.

Mobile app for the driver to find available parking spaces, get direction and pay mobile.

Parking guidance LED monitors to show the driver where to find available parking spaces.

As well as the Truck Depot Support and Network & Security

Complete compliment of facility parking sensors custom developed for your individual application

Customized site review and development of your lot mapped out for the optimal parking spaces based on your lot size and configuration

Get complete overview of what’s happening in your parking lot with real time data.

TDPP© Benefits

Real time parking data simplifies your parking management problems and offers a cost-effective solution to increase parking revenues and improve the overall parking experience of your customers. TDPP©’s next generation of smart parking for open air parking lots provides enforcement capabilities without having to hire more staff.

Optimize Monitoring

Get alert in case of misusage and identify users who haven’t paid and get alert.

Increase Revenues

Use parking space efficiently and adjust pricing according to occupancy dynamics.

Improve Service

Help your customers to find a parking space faster and integrate mobile payment through our app.

TDPP PDF Brochure

Download the Truck Depot Parking Package brochure PDF by clicking


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