Truck Depot Part of Truck Parking USA APP!

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On November 1, 2018
Truck Depot Part of Truck Parking USA APP!
November 1, 2018

Truck Depot Part of Truck Parking USA APP!

            As of November 1st 2018, the Truck Depot LLC secured commercial truck parking company has become listed on the Truck Parking USA APP. Truck Depot LLC is the first, and currently only, commercial truck parking services company that offers secured truck parking, warehousing, and mechanical services yards in the Pacific Northwest. The Truck Depot is not just another mobile app business trying to find available parking spots amongst a limited number of properties that are either owned or operated by individual businesses. Truck Depot LLC is the first company that is growing a network of owned, operated, and/or managed properties for truck parking that includes warehousing services such as cross-docking for drivers and service for trucks on a daily and monthly fee. 

            The Truck Depot LLC has been in the trucking and facility industry successfully for the past six years and has perfected the business model proving the concept. In 2018 the company decided to scale and began working with the Washington State DOT in partnership to develop up to seven locations across the state of Washington in an attempt to alleviate the crisis of truck parking in the Pacific Northwest and across the United States strategically. Truck Depot LLC CEO, Richard Greer, remarked “As a growing service company we are focused and working diligently on developing additional locations to increase our parking space availability to the end user. I believe aligning with company parking apps such as Truck Parking USA and soon with Park My Truck app and Trucker Path are the most effective way to support and communicate with owner operators and fleets.”


             It has been reported by almost every state in the union that the need for truck parking is growing every day and the supply is not keeping up. Companies like the Truck Depot LLC and mobile app parking services such as Truck Parking USA, Park My Truck, and Truck Path are working hard towards offering truck drivers, owner operators, and fleets a safe and secure alternative to parking dangerously on roadsides to themselves and the public as well.

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