“Truck Depot LLC update for DIY Truck Parking Product 2020!” For starters I would like to make it clear that we do apologize for the DIY truck parking product not coming out to potential customers nearly one year ago. I do remember that on March 28th of 2019 I wrote out a blog post talking about us putting together a packaged product that would allow an existing business owner or just a land owner looking to do something positive with an otherwise unused piece of land and get into the difficult and unknown world of truck parking. I believe that I owe our followers here the courtesy of bringing you up to speed on why it was not done as of yet and where are we on it currently.

To begin my explanation I have to just say that we have been buried in schedules and work as a leader in the truck parking space across the country. The Truck Depot is working with the DOT’s of every west coast state and east to the rockies and getting ready to expand into the midwest and the southern states of America. Now, there is the reasoning and sort of apology. Next I would like to bring to date the DIY project and what happened to the time frame for that.

At the time that we were working on building the DIY product we were working on requests for the truck depot to develop a franchise model. We had to investigate this model and see what was the best product direction for truck drivers to use as well as the business model owners ease of entry and cost effectiveness. Today we have finalized all of our research and came to the conclusion that the best for all included, and served, would be a DIY training product that allows existing business owners, such as truck stop owners looking to expand their business lines with property they already have. The DIY product is also the most cost effective way for a business owner, new or existing, to get into the truck parking space and still allow them to make a profit enough to live on. Franchising requires a great deal of up front investment for The Truck Depot and thus those are costs that would have to be carried onto the business buyers. In the end the high costs of Franchising works its way all the way down to the truck driver, which as we all know, is barely making it as it is. So, our decision is for building a better tool for current business owners and new start ups in the space of parking and not saddle them with a high purchase price and a monthly franchise fee.

So where the heck are we currently? We are about 30 days away from the release of The Truck Depot DIY business package and training kit. The package is a fully digital download product with step by step instructions on what it takes to create, develop, and grow a truck parking business. The package includes the how to of researching your market area for the particular demand and thus the best direction for marketing to your regional customers. We will walk you through the most effective time saving and results oriented way of creating a business and marketing plan. The DIY training package will come with written guides and video training to ensure that you can overcome and sidestep the obstacles that are going to be there from the beginning all the way through to the continued management of truck parking.

We are excited to see the finished product and how this will work for the entire industry serving small to mid sized business owners and the trucking customers that they serve.

If your a small to mid sized business owner maybe with a smaller truck stop looking for a extension of business or maybe just a person that owns a piece of land that is going unused and unprofitable or maybe just a individual looking to lease some parking or warehousing space to try and build a better financial future for you and your family, then submit your contact information at the link below here and we will reach out to you first as the Truck Depot DIY product comes out and is ready to work for you.

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