Truck Depot LLC Team part of Oregon DOT Truck Parking Study April 1st 2019

Written by rich1107

On March 20, 2019

Advisors to the oregon Department of Transportation Truck Parking Study 2019!

That is correct. We have been invited to be part of the ODOT Truck Parking Study for 2019. We are sharing information and ideas on behalf of the trucking and logistics industry and the community in order to help and advise the state on what will help and the potential and realistic ways to produce something helpful for trucks and the companies that work in the logistics world. We are part of a important group of companies, owner operators, trucking company owners, and industry leaders that rely daily on the trucking industry.

We have been working with ODOT since late 2018 when we reached out to them to begin a discussion regarding truck parking, the dangers of the lack of parking, and the possible ways in which a private public partnership would work to create solutions for the crisis. We are excited to be part of this historic move for ODOT and we would like to thank the state and the companies and drivers that are willing to take part in this in order to come up with some real world solutions by 2020. 

Admittedly this will not be some overnight fix or miracle cure to the parking crisis. For those of us in the industry, we all know this is going to take some time as this is not something that just became an issue overnight. With that said, at least ODOT is coming to the table and including industry experts and participants alike to give input and some guidance to their study which will be used to decide where to place funds that will do the most with the amount of federal and state funds and how to work with private industry to get things actually done.

The first meetings begin on April 1st 2019. We will be posting on our blog our take on the meeting and what we honestly think the future holds as we all move forward.

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