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The podcast that discusses the important issues for owner operators, the truck parking crisis, and the best work throughs and remedies for parking in America. 


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We are a exclusive secured truck parking services company based in the great pacific Northwest city of Portland Oregon. We have multiple locations across Portland as well as Tacoma/Fife Washington. We are experts in the Secured commercial Truck Parking Industry.  The Truck Depot LLC is growing across the west coast and moving east across the entire United states in order to offer a safe solution for truck drivers, owner operators, and company fleet managers. Check in bi-weekly starting January 2nd 2020 for our show and discussions regarding the truck parking crisis and how it is effecting every single person in the United States. Listen and be a part of the conversation as we grow serving our industry and the public at large as well as offering the public a chance to be investors in our growth.

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Inaugarul Episode Christmas Eve 2019!

We record and put out who and what we are at the Truck Depot LLC.

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