The Lack of Truck Parking Availability becoming Explosive!

Written by rich1107

On November 19, 2018
truck depot llc blog post about trucker violence

We wanted to share or repost a story that we found on the blog of CDL Life, regarding the lack of truck parking in the United States. It was short and to the point with regards to the intensity that is sadly no longer uncommon among drivers when it comes to the search for parking of commercial trucks.

We are NOT condoning that anyone take actions such as violence or damage even to private property simply in response to not being able to find parking space for your truck but it is just a simple example of what lengths some, otherwise, normal people can be pushed to when they are desperate to find something that is so unavailable in today’s trucking industry.

Here is the story as printed:

“Trucker arrested for assault over truck stop parking spot!”

“A truck driver was arrested in Florida this week when a dispute over another trucker’s parking job turned into an attempted attack on the sleeping driver. The incident took place on Sunday, November 11 at the TA Travel Center in in Wildwood, Florida, according to a report from Villages News. The fight began when 51-year-old Michigan-based truck driver Brian James Cozzie noticed that another driver had taken up two truck parking spots. Police say that Cozzie knocked on the truck to wake the sleeping truck driver to ask him to move. When the truck driver refused to re-park his truck, Cozzie then used a Thermos to break out one of the truck’s windows.

The police report indicates that the parked truck driver believed the Cozzie was reaching for a gun in his waistband, so he fired his own weapon into the air to warn Cozzie to get away from the truck. No injuries were reported. Cozzie was arrested and faces felony charges of burglary, criminal mischief, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen truckers attacking fellow drivers over parking. In April, a truck driver was arrested on attempted murder charges when a parking disagreement at an Arizona truck stop took a violent turn. And last November, a parking argument between two truck drivers at a Pilot Truck Stop in Hesperia, California, led to a stabbing.”

We have heard stories just like this that never make to the headlines on a daily basis. As an ex-police officer myself in the 1990’s we saw the problems of finding parking then for drivers but back then there were places you could park. Today with the federal hours of service laws and the increasing shortage of parking in part due to many of the mom and pop truck stops closing or being absorbed by the big chains there just simply are not enough for the rate of growth of freight and trucks. This is a very sad example of just what the truck depot llc is trying to help alleviate with our parking facilities and the growth from eh PNW east across the nation. 


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