The Truck Depot LLC 2018 Wrap Up



New Face of Truck Parking in 2019!


The new year of 2019 is upon THE TRUCK DEPOT LLC in just two days from now. I will not try to write some long drawn out post trying to encompass the year of 2018 in review and how it has affected the trucking industry that we at Truck Depot partially work in. I would like to take the time to just talk about some of the people and places that we have visited and worked with in the truck driving, warehousing, and logistics/transportation industry this past year and where it has taken us in our struggle to grow across the pacific northwest growth.

First I would like to define the Truck Depot LLC as more than merely a truck driving parking lot, we are so much more than that. We do work directly within the truck driving industry but we also work in warehousing, freight management, and logistics all in the effort to make the roads safer, and business commerce better for drivers, state and local governments, and the general societies in the communities we are looking to serve.

Since August of this year (2018) we have been hard at work to develop our plan for growth and serving the trucking community better. We have been fortunate enough to have developed wonderful working relationships with the Washington State Department of Transportation. We are working together to achieve more options across the state of Washington that would allow drivers, fleet operators, and freight owners to not only have a safe secured place to park both short term and long term but to also allow for cross docking efficiencies. Helping drivers and their loads be safer, meet the hours of service laws, and increase a seemingly ever increasing shrinking margin.

We have currently been working with the DOT’s of Washington, Arizona, and Nevada states and can only praise these states for the open-minded reasoning and their desire to find a working relationship for the trucking industry and the businesses that are directly affected as well as the safety of all that drive the roads in the states. Washington has been the most helpful and the most passionate about creating something that will work for everyone.

We have also been very fortunate to have paired up with an incredible law firm helping us to navigate some of the wild waters in order to allow us to grow faster with outside investment. We have been fortunate enough also to have been in early talks with the logistics divisions of Amazon and even Uber Freight in attempts to create working joint ventures that will allow us to better serve our customers. We have earmarked our growth of locations to be 3-5 for the year of 2019. We have been in talks with localized venture capital firms and even have been in talks with the infamous Shark Tank.

We have been in talks and planning with a development firm in the Spokane Washington area to develop a fifteen-acre facility for truck depot only hundreds of yards away from the new Amazon distribution center and feet away from the i-90 frontage. I have added some of the photos of the current state of the site.

We have had our ups and our bumps in the road the past five months from Portland to Seattle to Blaine to Spokane to Dallas Texas with the Money Show we took part in. With the exception of Dallas and Blaine we have had a very positive five month and have come out in a wonderful position in order to grow and thus support our trucking and logistics industry and so much more. We are thankful to all of you that have been there for us along the way and we look forward to having an even better 12 months in 2019.

We wish all of our current and future customers and all of our working partners that best of health and happiness in 2019 and we hope to see you all as we continue to grow and reach out to all.