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Become part of the Truck Depot Network of Managed Parking & Enjoy Hassle Free Success.


We Can Do it All

From setting up a professional parking lot to managing maintenance to marketing and development of your growth.

Parking Design

From our years of hands on experience with truck parking we have developed methods and parking facility layouts that produce higher rates of success for customers and parking lot owners.

Market Research

We have in house marketing experts that research the most effective way to market your location to better serve you and your potential customers. With six years of success and facilities pushing 120% capacity, being part of the Truck Depot network equals growth without hassle.

Current Technology

We offer the insights on current technologies that your potential customers want and need and are willing to pay for to enable them to run their businesses better which equals better business for you.


Becoming part of the Truck Depot network makes available our relationships forged with corporations, state and federal DOT’s thus expanding your businesses reach and growth potential long into the future.


Using Our Trademarked Process

Research & Analysis

We thoroughly research & analyze every clients markets to better service individually and the entire network to better serve your business ad customers.

Roadmap planning

Truck Parking is a emerging business and planning is critical to the success of your parking facility. We map out a plan for your success at every step.

Execute & Monitor

Ideas and plans are great but executing a plan successfully is the most important activity and monitoring what is done correctly or incorrectly is paramount to continued success.


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