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Customer Notice

To all overnight parking customers, our system is designed to allow you to select your location, make payment (non refundable), and receive confirmation and applicable gate entry codes all here online via this website. As of May 2022 The Truck Depot LLC will be fully online  & automated for the purposes of making and secure parking of trucks for our customers both overnight and long term. This is all done in an effort to better serve customers with ease and to reduce our costs that will be shared with customers via more services and lower pricing..


What if there is a vehicle in my regularly paid for space when i get there?

In the event that this can happen rarely, please call the following phone number 24/7/365 and let them know. In the mean time do go ahead and park in any available space you can find. Your vehicle is a paying customer and the fact that we have your vehicle details in your account assures that you will not be towed or fined in any way.

Where do I get my Gate Code for a particular Yard?

Upon paying for your overnight parking you will get a receipt for your payment and in the receipt message, you will find the entry gate code if your selected location requires a gate code.

Can I park my vehicle in my spot if I am on the road as a long term customer?

In most of our parking facilities we have an area for you to park your regular vehicle while working on the road, but in the event that there is nothing available you may absolutely park your vehicle where you normally park your truck.

Reservation Form

Select Which of the Above Your Situations is.
Enter either the MC or DOT number on the vehicle.
First Day Reserved Parking
Last Day Reserved Parking
Our Overnight (24 Hour) Parking Fee. (Must prepay for reservation to hold space). More than 7 of consecutive parking, then you are required to fill out a "Long Term Parking Application" to save money and free up short term only spaces.
$ 0.00
We list the Standard Times as a national Average. Any times outside of these listed may not be available at all of our locations.
I authorize the Truck Depot LLC to charge the above credit card information for the parking dates that I have listed here, in accordance with the Truck Depot LLC’s terms and conditions and the terms outlined in this agreement as detailed in the accompanying agreement. This payment authorization is for the goods and services described above, for the amount indicated above. I certify that I am an authorized user of this credit card and that the payment above and herein referenced will not be disputed with my credit card company so long as the transaction corresponds to the terms indicated between myself and Truck Depot LLC. I agree to the following legal and binding terms: Term: This Agreement shall be a 24 hour parking time frame and will be charged for each additional 24 hour period if I am still parked at the facility 10 minutes beyond my prescribed and previously paid for time. Agreement: This Agreement is valid solely for parking One (1) Truck and One (1) Trailer with valid Parking Permits. No other vehicles are permitted to park. All passenger vehicles will be subject to towing 24 hours a day at Renters risk and expense. Cleanliness: Renter shall not litter any portion of the Property or adjacent properties and will keep Renter’s Parking Space(s) clean and always swept. Renter will be charged for all costs incurred following Renter’s failure to perform. Renter authorizes The Truck Depot LLC to charge such amounts to Renters Credit Card on file. Limitations: Property may be accessed via access card only. The space rented may only be used for truck or trailer parking and all vehicles and equipment must be fully operational, licensed, and insured at all times. Renter shall not use the space for any purposes that violates any local, State, and/or Federal Laws. Any equipment brought onto the premises may not be faulty, may not leak any fluids and may not damage the Property in any way. In the event of fluid leaks or Property damage Renter will be held liable for any and all damages and costs associated with clean, repairs, fines, penalties and all legal fees and costs. Neither Renter nor any third-party may service or perform any repairs to or work on any equipment on the Property including but not limited to any oil changes or fluid services. Servicing or repairing Vehicles on the Property constitutes a breach/default under this agreement and will subject the equipment to Towing and Fines and will result in the termination of this agreement. Neither Renter nor any third-party may transport any Hazardous Materials onto the Property or transport, transfer, or take possession of any and all illegal contraband nor shall possess or use Alcohol or Drugs on the Property (legal and illegal). Renter may not grant access to the Property to any Third Party. Maximum speed limit is 5 mph. Liability: Renter shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Truck Depot LLC from and against any and all liabilities arising out of and/or related to Renter’s acts and omissions on or about the Property, including without limitation Attorney fees in all forums. Renter hereby releases the Truck Depot LLC, its members, employees, agents, successors, and assignees of and from any and all liabilities such as but not limited to injuries and/or death, theft, damage, vandalism, fires, flooding, acts of God or natural causes involving usage of any of The Truck Depot LLC Property including without limitation to liability for replacement costs, expenses, towing charges and Attorney’s fees. Remedies: In the event of any default hereunder, The Truck Depot LLC may pursue any and all remedies available at Law in equity and otherwise, including without limitation termination of this agreement. Assignment: This Agreement shall not be assigned and/or sublet to any Third Party or Entity without the prior express written authorization of The Truck Depot LLC. Any such assignment or sublease, even if agreed upon by The Truck Depot LLC shall not release the Renter for the Terms of the Agreement. Alterations: Renter shall not make any alterations, additions, and/or improvements to the Rented Space of any nature whatsoever without the prior written consent of The Truck Depot LLC. Attorney’s Fees: In the event of any default hereunder, The Truck Depot LLC shall be entitled to any Attorney’s fees incurred including but not limited to all costs in enforcing the said default whether or not suit or action is filed, and/or in any appeal from any such action. Rights: The Truck Depot LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. This Agreement is subject to change at any time.

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