New Truck Depot Yard in Fairview Oregon

23012 NE Sandy Blvd Fairview OR 97024

New Truck Depot Yard in Fairview! Yes, this is a short but to the point post for all of us on the Truck Depot team. We have been able to break ground and will soon be able to park trucks, trailers, and even heavy equipment all looking for a safe place to park. We are going to be able to offer both long term and short term parking to owner operators and truck fleet managers. As is with our yard just one mile east on the same Sandy Blvd, our yard will be fully fenced and have secured entry and exit gates. The yard will be fully monitored by night vision cameras. The differences will be that we will have the newest state of the art camera system that will allow drivers better functioning and security. We will also have a new addition to the truck depot family of products on this site and that will be long term storage containers fully secured similar to home and rv storage units.

Now the differences for the first year here will be that we will not have a warehouse to offer cross docking on site. With that said, we will be offering continuing cross docking services one mile away at our original location while we finish the design and begin the building of a new state of the art warehouse, truck repair facility, and drivers lounge. We are also already operating a cross docking and storage facility in Tacoma Washington by the name of Tacoma Warehouse and Storage. We are working on a package deal next door to our tacoma warehouse and storage facility at 5655 8th ST E Fife WA 98424 that would allow us up to thirty acres of truck parking! that is right across the road from the port of Tacoma.

So, keep your eyes and ears open for our next and newest location. Also ask us for specials for existing customers.So in case you are in Portland, Gresham, Fairview, Vancouver, or anywhere in the metro portland Vancouver area and are looking for a safe, secure, and business friendly place to park your truck or trailer or RV or heavy equipment think of The Truck Depot.