The Truck Depot LLC Offers, via continued requests, investment opportunities and have laid out below just a sample of our Prospectus. If you have questions please reach out to us for a more detailed private offering. You may download our investor documents by clicking on the download button below. All Legal SEC disclosures and filings information or questions will be directed to Sampath Law Group.


Invest in a $700+ Billion a year Industry

U.S. Trucking industry market is estimated to be a $700 Billion Dollar industry, by the American Trucking Association.

  • Almost everything we use in our daily lives has to be transported by truck.
  • The evolution & growth of the internet and E-commerce in America has only increased the demand on the trucking industry and freight management. The “Hours of Service” regulations mandate that truck drivers must rest (not move) for at least 10 consecutive hours.
  • The “Hours of Service” regulations mandate that truck drivers must rest (not move) for at least 10 consecutive hours.

The Federal Department of Transportation has mandated laws that require all commercial trucks stop driving and PARK in order to rest, effectively making the roads safer for all drivers. Not since federal laws mandating automotive insurance, has there been a business opportunity with this much potential for income. As we all know, insurance companies see consistent pro ts & growth year over year. The “Hours of Service” law for the trucking industry is the impetus for the Truck Depot, LLC.’s business model. One that works… and works well!


“The Truck Depot is one of those companies that is fortunate to be at the right place at the right time with the right product.”

Refresh Lounge, Secure Facilities, Warehouse Transfer & Staging Services

The Solution for Truck Owner Operators, Departments of Transportation,

& Investors Seeking Growth & Security.

An Innovative Leader in Truck Storage & Services

Truck Depot has been offering safe & secure commercial truck parking for truck owner/operators since 2012. We offer the best and most cost effective truck and commercial vehicle parking solutions in
the United States. No longer do you have to struggle to find a place to park your truck when you are not working. Truck Depot parking is safe, legal, and gives you peace of mind. We offer 24 hour secured site parking, warehousing & docking services. Mechanical services are also available for your truck.

No need to drive around looking for a location big enough to park, no more wondering if you will get a huge parking fine for parking on a public road
or even worse getting towed for possibly parking on what turns out to be private property. No more gigantic truck or equipment service bills because you had to either drive to a service shop or have a mobile service come to you.

Truck Depot allows business owners the safe storage of their vehicle & equipment. We aso offer warehousing services and on site vehicle service and repair shops. We offer the commercial driver the most important things needed when they are home or on the road just looking for a place to stage for deliveries.

Truck Depot and our affiliates such as Expo Logistics, LLC. work together to offer our customers a one stop solution for growing and managing their trucking needs.


We Have You Covered

One of the most difficult, worrisome, and costly aspects of owning a commercial truck, a large recreational vehicle, a fleet of commercial vehicles, or even construction equipment is to find a secure place to park and store them when not in use. Truck Depot is the solution.

  • Secure Storage for short or long term commercial vehicles.
  • Gated security backed up by state-of-the-art monitoring technology including free WiFi.
  • Warehousing services on site for load adjustments, de-vanning, etc.
  • On site vehicle repair and a service facility staffed by ASE certified mechanics.
  • Perfect facilities for Semi Trucks,Trailers, Diesel Pusher RV’s, Construction Heavy Equipment, Fleet Storage, and more.
  • Truck Depot makes available warehouse facilities and yard parking to all its affiliated owner/operators as well as corporate clients. At any given time, hundreds of tractor/trailers can be found in its yards.

About Us

Who is Truck Depot? After years of driving large trucks across the country. Two brothers, Aurel Davidyan and Vadim Davidyan, had an intimate understanding of the ‘challenges’ of operating and parking large vehicles in the United States. It’s with this knowledge and the force to change the status quo that the Truck Depot was born.

Truck Depot was based on the premise that anybody who wants to work hard should have the opportunity to succeed in business. Today, with a current inventory of over 350 trucks and numerous trailers for a variety of different purposes, Truck Depot is able to handle whatever shipping needs your company has. From our humble beginnings we have grown to offer secure truck parking, yard services, warehousing services and truck service and repairs.

Since 2012

We have personally experienced the challenges and concerns of owning large trucks. This clarified a vision that allowed us to map out our future. We understood the difficulties faced by independent owner/operators in finding a ‘secure & safe’ place to park their biggest investment.Today we understand independent truck driving is a business that never stops. This requires assistance to keep operating expenses low and profits high. We offer secure storage, warehousing services, top line truck repair, service shops and driver comfort amenities. Truck Depot is so much more than just a storage yard, it is a independent truck drivers business partner for success.


There are truck stops and private parking lots littered across the nation to serve the growing demand of trucks and freight. Why are these options not a good solution for the parking epidemic in the USA?

  • The problem with truck stops is that they can only handle a small number of trucks that need to stop and they are filled to capacity 95% of the time.
  • Similar to businesses, like Walmart lots, truck stops do not make income from a truck if it does not purchase items or services from them, so they make them purchase something or pay a parking fee up to $20 per day.
  • Over the past five years most Walmart’s have discontinued letting trucks park on their lots at night due to the increase in crime that sitting trucks have brought.Parked trucks on the side of the road or even in open truck stops most often generate increases in crime like prostitution.
  • The Truck Depot is currently working in partnership with WSDOT to build four more state supported and approved strategic locations.

The Truck Depot is the only exclusive truck parking lot with cross docking and maintenance services for monthly memberships and daily parking available. We offer a secured, safe, and legal place to park your truck and freight for an affordable price.

The CEO & Founder of The Truck Depot created & perfected the company and concept, six years ago out of necessity as an owner/operator of his own fleet of eight trucks. Having dealt with the difficulty and the costs of trying to find a safe and secure place to park his trucks, he leased a property in NW Oregon. Soon he was being approached by fellow drivers and truck owners asking if he had space. With hard work and dedication, he built the first Truck Depot lot. After investing hundreds of thousands of his own dollars he found it was very easy to fill every one of the more than two hundred spaces.

Within three years of completing the truck parking lot, the Truck Depot was not only profitable, without debt, but was at 120% capacity and turning away new customers daily.

Join us in this unique investment opportunity where you have increasing demand, legal mandates to park, with local and state support. Become part of the future of The Truck Depot. This opportunity is more than just an  investment in your future; it is a necessity in our society.

Marketing Program

Truck Depot, LLC. proposes the following in terms of an overall marketing program for our services:

  • Maintain and enhance existing relationships with customers, building on ‘word of mouth’ advertising.

  • Attend industry leading conferences

  • (tentstreet-April 2019)

  • (NPTC-May 2019)

  • (NASTC-Nov 2019)

  • (ATA-Nov 2019)

  • Market across digital channels using SEM and organic

    tools such as blog posting, video advertising, social media marketing, mobile apps and free advertising via local and national state DOT promotions.

  • Direct marketing through owner/operators trucking association membership

  • Corporate Fleet Accounts

  • Work with state DOT’s awareness programs

  • National Publication Advertising Plan

The Truck Depot, LLC. has taken thirty years of truck driving industry experience, five years of truck parking facility management, and twenty five years of effective marketing and created a formula that we are currently prepared to scale to further success.

There are 1,000,000 trucks that need to find a

safe place to park every day in the United States.

Similar to the automobile parking lot industry, you need an experienced management team and financial resources.
More specifically, the “Truck Parking” industry requires the following:

  • Experience in the Trucking/Logistics Industry

  • Experience in creating and managing a “truck” parking lot

  • A track record of success

  • A business model that works

  • Knowledge of the marketplace

  • Strategic relationships in place with local, state, and federal agencies

  • The ability to execute

Our Opportunity

The Truck Depot, LLC. is inviting investors to take advantage of the unique opportunity afforded by the current market conditions.

  • FMCSA Regulation – Mandatory 10 hour rest period

  • No Market Competition (there are currently no other companies in the U.S. that are building and operating an exclusive secured truck parking lot system.

  • A proven, simple and highly evolved business model already being executed.

  • Strategic alliances forged with local, state, and federal transportation departments.

This is an opportunity for investors to enter a market that has the support of the FMCSA, an increasing demand for secured parking and high potential for revenue generation. The Truck Depot is the investment that acts like a hedge fund against risk and a cloud-computing stock for growth. Why not become part of a necessity that grows like a luxury.

Services The Truck Depot Offers to Customers:

  • A safe and secure (monitored and fenced) place to park
  • A safe environment to protect customer’s freight
  • A place to satisfy federal hours of service laws
  • Warehousing services
  • Professional truck maintenance & Repair Services
  • Vending & food services available
  • Free site wide WiFi services
  • Daily parking rates
  • Monthly parking rates


Executive Summary

Company Name: ….  The Truck Depot, LLC.

Location: …. 12606 NE 95th Street, #110 Vancouver WA 98682

                                      23901 NE Sandy Blvd, Troutdale OR 97060

Industry: ….  Trucking/Logistics

Segment: ….  Truck Services – Parking – Logistics

Market Opportunity: …. Targeting 33% of the $700 billion annual market

Funding Objective: ….  Up to $1,000,000

Outstanding Shares: …. 150,000,000 issued as of September 11, 2018


Company Overview


The Truck Depot, LLC. produces and manages safe and secure parking facilities that allow commercial trucks to park, obtain vehicle services, and utilize on site warehousing and driver down time. The Truck Depot, LLC. offers a safe option to endlessly searching for parking to the owner/operators and a solution to the roads and communities that they live and work in.

  • Establish Truck Depot as the best, most convenient source of safe and secure truck parking in the contiguous United States.

  • Expand to 5 locations within Washington State in the following two years.

  • Reach full operational/profitable earnings within two years of completion of each successive location.

  • Create share values of no less than $4.00 to $6.00 per share by five years.

  • Prepare for the company to be acquired and/or Initial Public Offering (IPO) to provide liquidity to shareholders or corporate stock purchase at current market value.

Revenue Model

The Truck Depot, LLC. has developed 5 revenue models:

    1. Daily parking fees from daily limited member fees ($10 – $20 per day).
    2. Generated income from recurring monthly memberships (Guaranteed spots $8 – $10 per day).
    3. Warehousing Services (non-member $9 per pallet & member $6 per pallet).
    4. Truck Repair Services $8,000 – $10,000 per month lease.
    5. Exterior state subsidized parking spots.

Five Year Proforma

Available Upon Request



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