Truck Depot LLC is constantly working on improving the services and products that we give our customers. There will always be situations that are unforeseen. Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions that we have developed best-case answers for.

What if I make a reservation for overnight parking and I change my mind, is there arefund??

Unfortunately at the current time, we do not offer refunds for overnight parking spaces that are not used. We are working on this to be changed via our newest form of software system coming this summer 2022.

Are all parking yards fully fenced and secured??

All but one of Truck Depot’s parking facilities are fenced and secured. Our parking location for overnight parkers in Fife Washington is not enclosed and seured.

Are there refunds for long term parking customers?

For our Long-Term customers, there is an agreement/contract that is signed and in the agreement, a customer must give truck depot llc a WRITTEN notice that they are going to no longer be a long-term customer of truck depot llc 30 days prior to no longer parking. If this is done and you are accidentally charged again, we will refund any incorrect charges you incur.

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