Truckers protest in New York, Chicago, and California ELD & Truck Parking!

Truckers protest in New York, Chicago, and California ELD & Truck Parking!

Truckers Protest in New York city, Chicago, and California Two days ago. Friday April 12th 2019, many truck drivers took to the street in manhattan and to the freeways in Chicago to protest the increased regulations for the hours of service and the need for increased truck parking facilities across the united states. Honking of air horns and the examples of slow traffic that simulated the congestion of traffic and the slow down in the economy that would be felt if trucking continues to be ignored as it touches every life in the world. 

With the hours of service laws summary being as follows: “Summary of Hours of Service Regulations. The following table summarizes the HOS regulations for property-carrying and passenger-carrying drivers. May drive a maximum of 11 hours after 10 consecutive hours off duty. … A driver may restart a 7/8 consecutive day period after taking 34 or more consecutive hours off duty.” The ELD (Electronic Logging Device) electronically logs every single action and movement and lack of movement of the trucks. For the non driving public this may seem like nothing but good. What if you were at your job in an office like maybe an accountant, and at the end of an eight hour day during the tax season you were given an electric shock if you had to work a little bit just to get your customers taxes submitted before they would get a fine? Well i can assure you that i would not like it at all being shocked. I would also not be in business or at least not be able to grow my business or get a promotion if i lost clients due to the fact that they get fined for their taxes not being filed in time.

This is similar to how drivers feel as they or told they only have a short window of time to do such a huge job and then even if they have the time to get the work done they are spending/wasting hours just looking for a place to park safely to meet the hours of service laws. With the epidemic of the lack of truck parking facilities the laws just are that much more difficult to follow and survive.

Truck Depot LLC coming out with Truck Parking DIY product!

DIY Truck Parking Business Package

DIY Truck Parking Package. Estimated product release is to be announced but no later than the end of April 2019. Truck depot llc is the only exclusive truck parking corporation that focuses solely on secured truck parking facilities currently cross the Pacific Northwest. We will be offering our newest DIY package for helping individual land owners and business owners alike that are looking to enhance or develop a business in the truck parking space.

We were constantly being approached by business individuals that had either an existing business like a small mom and pop truck stop or repair services business in the trucking space that realized the huge demand and need for truck parking across the nation but realty did not know what the best steps were to start a truck parking lot. The truck depot has been in the business for seven years and we have learned from all of our bumps and bruises what some of the best ways are to build an effective and successful truck parking facility for the business owners and the truck owners as well. We decided it would be in the best interest of all included to create a product that could be purchased that would walk someone through every single step to building, marketing, and growing a truck parking business successfully.

Customers will be guided from start to finish and beyond, if they choose, every step it takes to build a parking lot for the truck industry. As part of the package truck depot llc will plan out the best geometrically planned yard configuration for the induvial case to optimize parking, the package will include the entry and exit gate advice, yard enclosures, cctv cameras, advanced technologies that will automate operations, as well as a multitude of ways to market and grow the business.

We work in a one of a kind business and we realized that it would be better to help the industry of trucking to increase the amount of parking facilities by helping individual owners build their business that to wait the years it would take for one corporation to grow across the united states. There are many technology devices and apps working to help drivers find spaces to park but it still comes down to the need for those pieces of land to exist and not yet another mobile app to remind drivers that there is a need.

We will be rolling this product out before the end of April 2019.

Truck Depot LLC Team part of Oregon DOT Truck Parking Study April 1st 2019

Advisors to the oregon Department of Transportation Truck Parking Study 2019!

That is correct. We have been invited to be part of the ODOT Truck Parking Study for 2019. We are sharing information and ideas on behalf of the trucking and logistics industry and the community in order to help and advise the state on what will help and the potential and realistic ways to produce something helpful for trucks and the companies that work in the logistics world. We are part of a important group of companies, owner operators, trucking company owners, and industry leaders that rely daily on the trucking industry.

We have been working with ODOT since late 2018 when we reached out to them to begin a discussion regarding truck parking, the dangers of the lack of parking, and the possible ways in which a private public partnership would work to create solutions for the crisis. We are excited to be part of this historic move for ODOT and we would like to thank the state and the companies and drivers that are willing to take part in this in order to come up with some real world solutions by 2020. 

Admittedly this will not be some overnight fix or miracle cure to the parking crisis. For those of us in the industry, we all know this is going to take some time as this is not something that just became an issue overnight. With that said, at least ODOT is coming to the table and including industry experts and participants alike to give input and some guidance to their study which will be used to decide where to place funds that will do the most with the amount of federal and state funds and how to work with private industry to get things actually done.

The first meetings begin on April 1st 2019. We will be posting on our blog our take on the meeting and what we honestly think the future holds as we all move forward.

The Trucking Crisis by Glenn Beck Video

The Trucking Crisis Video

The Trucking Crisis is a great video that we found that was produced by Glenn Beck. He talks about the trucking crisis and how it has a direct and indirect effect on every one of us in the United States. We need to look at this information and consider how are we going to live without trucking and the fixes that need to be made in order to continue the delivery of goods. We need to see better wages and better, safer conditions for drivers. We are directly involved in this crisis by trying to supply truck parking for drivers that is safe and affordable across the nation. Truck Depot LLC wants to become the Mcdonalds of the truck parking industry. We want drivers to be able to park, rest, relax, meet the federal laws for driving, and be physically safe while doing that. We want driver to know that no matter where they are driving when they see a truck depot llc sign that they will be assured of the same safety and quality no matter where they are.

So go ahead and check out the replaying of Glenn Beck and share with someone you know or even with your state reps about the need for a working partnership of state, federal, and private industries working together to create more safe environments for drivers thus allowing society to get the supplies needed for daily life.

Autonomous Truck company IKE story repost.

This is a repost of a story about the autonomous truck driving company named IKE. Those of us here at Truck Depot LLC liked it and decided to repost, from the original story we found in HDT it as it was written to share what we believe to be the more optimistic reality of autonomous trucks. The fact that this companies technology is one that requires that a human still be in the truck somewhat as a co-pilot as opposed to the others that are eliminating the human driver factor all together.  So go ahead and check out the story and leave your comments to let us know what you think as well.

“President Dwight Eisenhower was enough of a visionary to advocate for the establishment of the Interstate Highway System. And so, while presidents usually get a luxury car marque named after them, it’s a fair assumption Ike would be pleased to see his name given to a new, startup autonomous truck company.

As reported by Wired magazine, the San Francisco start-up Ike was founded by CEO Alden Woodrow, CTO Jur van den Berg, and Nancy Sun, chief engineer. The top management team have all worked at some of the automotive industry’s major autonomous vehicle developers, including Google, Apple, Otto, and Uber. In fact, all three executives left Uber last summer after the company shut down its autonomous truck development unit.

Today, according to Wired, the three managers say they’re taking a small step back in terms of capability, with a goal of focusing on a more “elemental” self-driving truck. According to Wired, this led to the decision to focus on trucks, instead of cars, since long-haul trucks don’t typically have to deal with pedestrians or cyclists and usually enjoy well-marked lane lines.

“We do not want to do a single right turn off the highway,” van den Berg told Wired, noting that even right turns are technological complications. Instead, he envisions Ike’s trucks pulling into roadside transfer hubs, where humans drivers will climb in and pilot the rigs to their final destinations.

To jumpstart the development process, Wired reports, Ike is licensing the autonomous vehicle software from robotics and artificial intelligence developer Nuro, a two-year-old self-driving startup that focuses on delivery robots and launched its first pilot project with Kroger in June.

In return for a stake in Ike, Nuro will give the company access to software that helps autonomous vehicles “see” and “understand” what’s going on around them, Wired reports. Ike developers will have to adapt those systems to work in a self-driving truck.

Ike expects to start testing its autonomous truck technology on California highways in a matter of months.”