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Veterans Day 2018

Truck Depot LLC Salute

Veterans Day 2018 Salute 

Within the world of Trucking or even Truck Parking in America it is a simple fact that so many of the men and women that drive our highways and deliver the necessities that we need to live are military veterans. I am not bringing up something new but I am mentioning something not often talked about instead of simply saying thank you.

As I write this, it is Sunday morning in the wee hours of 4:30 am. The skies are clear without signs of rain clouds and the sunrise is beginning to peak over the horizon. I am looking out a window just like so many will be doing behind the wheel of a truck or hopefully from the warm insides of a home. It is difficult and in some cases impossible to truly relate to what our military veterans experience on a battlefront or just outside of that. I personally know what it is to hear a bullet whiz past you and the definite sound that makes in your ears and in your heart. I was not a military soldier but I did experience that as a police officer. I know it is not exactly the same thing and that is why I had to write this. There are similarities that I experienced but it is the distinct differences I believe we should be aware of and remember. 

Any young man or women that donates their life to serving as a veteran steps foot onto a battlefield, and even long after the war is over they never leave those places. Those places become part of who they are and will be as long as they breathe. I will not go into detail of the nightmares or the faces they see, as I do know that experience first-hand and do not care to relive that or ask veterans to relive it either. But today I do wish to pay notice to every veteran that I do share something with. The veterans I speak of are the veterans in my personal family and to those I interact with as part of the trucking industry.


I do not thank you for your service you gave 5, 10, 20, or even 30 plus years ago, I respect you for that service. I do thank you for the daily service that you continue to give to our country and to making daily life possible by driving and delivering everything all of us need in the united states and the world to function. We often forget those in the world that enable us all to live better or at all on a daily basis and only are reminded of being thankful on one or two days a year. As for veterans that drive trucks and keep the country rolling, most of society are unaware of the long hours in total isolation and weeks at a time being away from family and home. I know that for me I would forget how the holidays would be if I were far from home. The hero’s that served our country are still serving our country.

Maybe the veterans of today that work in the truck driving industry do not wear special uniforms with metals and decorations but they do continue to serve our country and face life threatening dangers on a regular basis. Myself and all of us here at The Truck Depot LLC want all of our Military veterans to know that we respect and thank you for your past, current, and future service that you give our country and every one of our communities.

Truck Depot at the “Money Show” Dallas

The Truck Depot was at the Money Show in Dallas this past week on October 3rd through the 5th. We had a great time at the show and interacting with potential investors. I wanted to personally take the time to reach out here and give many thanks to all the people that I met and had the chance to communicate with during the show.

I also wanted to take the time to thank the individuals that came up to me after my on-stage presentations in the “Bull Pen” on Friday the 5th and in the “Alternative Investments” stage on the morning of Friday the 5th. I greatly enjoyed the feedback and the extended questions many asked me regarding things like dividend payout, long or short debt ratios, barrier to entry for competitors and more.

Our CEO, Aurel Davidyan, flew out to the Money Show on the 2nd of October with our corporate VP, Andrei Vlad, and stayed until the 5th. It was a great way for all three of us to interact and talk with investors to better understand the needs of investors and the markets for our infrastructure type business.

For all of us at the Truck Depot, I again, want to thank the Money Show’s Kim Githler and her great staff for the opportunity and all of the hard work that went into putting together such a great environment. I remember early on when Kim worked with Louis Rukeyser of Wall Street Week, in building her concept for the Money Show. I love watching Wall Street Week as a child and it always feels like she was able to bring that concept to life in her shows.

Again, I want to thank all of the people that came to our booth, #209, and came to the presentations for the infrastructure investment with Truck Parking that I gave and just in general came out and talked to us and listened to what we had to share about commercial truck parking and the great future.


The Truck Depot LLC, was founded in 2012 by Aurel Davidyan a successful entrepreneur. Aurel found an unleased and bare 10 acre parcel of commercial property in Troutdale Oregon that was completely overgrown with brush and trash and transformed it into a thriving and highly profitable business.

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The Truck Depot (TTD), provides long term parking for tractor trailers, campers and other large commercial vehicles in a gated and secure environment. TTD also has a full truck service center on site and runs commercial freight with its 5 semi-trucks on a national level. Onsite, TTD has a 10,000 SF freight warehouse with 4 loading docks providing the customers access to forklifts for loading and unloading freight. TTD, now with over 250 clients paying a month fee of $140.00 per month is at maximum capacity. “We are turning away new customers every day. We don’t have a square inch of property left to park vehicles on. If we had more room, it would be rented instantly” says Davidyan.

TTD, generates revenue from the rental of the space the trucks are parked on, the leased space for the warehouse and its growing fleet of commercial trucks running logistics and freight. “It’s a cash cow. The truck drivers need a place to park their trucks when they get done making a trip. TTD provides a great and secure place for that to happen. I have watched the company grow and its amazing. Nationwide there is a major demand for short and long-term commercial truck parking. It is a fragmented industry and no one company has a real lock on the incredible opportunity.

TTD is in position to become the leader in this industry”. Says Mark Russo consultant to TTD. TTD is now offering a portion of its stock for sale in a $3 million Private Placement Offering. The $3 million offering will allow the company to expand from 1 location up to 5 beginning in both Oregon and Washington state. TTD, a debt free and highly profitable company is planning on opening the second location on 20 acres with a much larger capacity allowing up to 750 customers, a larger warehouse and adding 5 more trucks to the commercial fleet.

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