The added Convenience of on site membership fuel

Added onsite Fuel membership feature 14th place Portland Truck Depot

The Truck Depot LLC Change to Membership Based Business Model Brings Great Benefits for Customers!



Finally after a crazy year 2020 we have the first onsite fuel dispensary at 14th place Portland Oregon. This will begin on Feburary 1st 2021. The Truck Depot LLC truck parking facilities will be converting to a new Membership based business model. Don’t worry, existing customers will enjoy the same services and truck parking security that has been the mainstay of the truck depot business model, it only means things will be getting better. As part of the monthly membership fees (similar and in some cases the same fees as the current monthly parking fees) membership drivers will have the convenience and added benefit of obtaining fuel Onsight at certain initial truck depot locations as well as across the nation via card lock fueling stations via the membership card/account.

Fuel prices will be based on market rates or below but more importantly members will save thousands of dollars annually by not wasting hundreds of hours in lines and getting fuel at truck stops when close to your parking location. No more driving to the nearest truck stops to wait for long lines in order to get the fuel that you need to get on the road and make money. Our onsite membership only fuel system will allow you to get what you need when you need it. Our new state of the art electronic system will record, dispense, and produce annual reports for your business at the end of the year as well. and Aurel Davidyan Talk Turkey for 2020!

With the holidays fast approaching and the holidays for the year being as different and weird as the year of 2020 has been, there is a positive light shining. The owner of Truck Depot and Longhaul Trucking LLC, Aurel Davidyan, has put together a turkey giveaway to help others during these difficult times. was kind enough to reach out to Aurel and the Truck Depot llc company to find out a little more of the 2020 Truck Depot LLC Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway.

We at The Truck Depot LLC look forward to helping to bring some happiness and normalcy for others and make Thanksgiving 2020 a memorable one and not for the pandemic but for love, caring, and sharing with others.

The truck depot llc new truck parking reservations system

The truck depot llc new truck parking reservations system is up and running like clock work. There is no need to worry about having a parking spot for overnight parking or long term parking in Portland Oregon, Tacoma Washington, or even Kent Washington. You can go to the truck depot llc website and click on the reservations tabs and select your space and even prepay all in one location via our in-house developed parking reservations system.

The Truck Depot team has made it as easy as possible to find the location that you need in either Portland Oregon or even our locations in Washington state and pick your parking and pay all in your phone safely and securley.

Autonomous Trucks Update 2020!

Autonomous Truck Driving 2020 update.

It came to my attention on Sunday late into the night that my personal estimation of when, if at all, the autonomous trucks would be on the road. This sharing of the 60 minutes story on this subject is a bit disturbing but eye opening. So go ahead and check it out and see what you believe and don’t believe.