Truck Depot LLC & Kodiak Robotics in the works for a partnership

March 9th, 2022 The Truck Depot LLC and autonomous truck driving software leader Kodia Robotics are in talks and working towards a working partnership. Not only will Kodiak Robotics be able to offer cutting-edge software to allow the innovation of autonomous driving trucks for the open roads across the United States, but are work together with The Truck Depot LLC to ensure the extended safety of those trucks driving customers.

As said best by the Kodiak Robotics team in the recent past:

“Kodiak was founded by a group of self-driving industry veterans intent on helping solve the trucking industry’s greatest challenges. We believe trucking will see the first widespread adoption of self-driving technology, ultimately saving lives, increasing network efficiency, reducing costs and emissions, and enhancing the quality of life of truck drivers. 

Most importantly, we believe self-driving trucking technology is for everyone. From small fleets to large carriers, our technology can help anyone who hauls goods, and we’re looking for the best partners out there to transform trucking, together.”

The Truck Depot LLC team has been working since 2012 to develop and build the safest and most reliable environment for drivers, owner-operators, and freight owners alike places to park that are consistent across the PNW and the United States. The Truck Depot’s Chairman/CEO stated:

“We feel that working with the great innovations that the team at Kodiak have achieved paired with our consistent environments for trucks to park and maintain safety will be something one of a kind for Kodiak Robotics customers as well as those of Truck Depot LLC’s as well.”

As talks continue it is forecasted that the pairing will see results nearer the summer of 22 in the Texas region. Be on the lookout for more information.

Truck Depot Fairview Oregon Construction for 2022

Truck Depot New Location Construction Fairview Oregon 2022

The Truck Depot LLC is in the process of building out its newest location and HQ in Fairview Oregon. Working with property owners, Mustard Seed Holdings of Oregon, we are just pouring the concrete foundations last week for the new building/warehouse. We have a video of the concrete pour from last week and some images have been put up on our website to share with our potential customers. We are forecasting the new facility to be up and running for truck parking, cross-docking services, and truck maintenance as well this coming May. Go online and set up long-term parking space reservations to get ahead of the rush. We will have 103 new parking spaces on a fully secured and monitored facility.

J.B. Hunt St. Louis Deal with Truck Depot

National logistics powerhouse, JB Hunt, has struck a deal with The Truck Depot LLC in St. Louis MO location for parking and cross-docking services.

In late November, of this year, the logistics industry giant JB Hunt signed a deal to begin parking eighty of its tractors and trailers at the new Truck Depot LLC location in St. Louis Missouri. JB Hunt has agreed with The Truck Depot LLC company to allow for 25 truck parking spaces and the use of the truck depots onsight 17 plus dock warehouse for cross-docking their trucks and trailers. This is a huge compliment to the team of the truck depot. Both companies are looking forward to growing the relationship and the potential benefits this will give to JB Hunts on the ground services and efficiencies in the midwest hub of St. Louis.



Changes at Truck Depot LLC

It is December and we are nearing the end of 2021 with all its turns and twists, The Truck Depot LLC company has not been immune to the effects of a turbulent past two years. With this idea in mind, we have chosen to reach out here, to our valued customers, with this end-of-year blog post. We would like to share some of the challenges and outcomes that the truck depot has experienced and the changes that have come from our challenges and what that means for our valued customers. Change is a part of producing better results.

With the large amounts of small to mid-sized companies that have suffered catastrophic financial hardships due to the long-lasting covid 19 pandemics, many of the truck depots’ regular customers have shuttered and closed their businesses. With that said, the truck depot has felt the financial fallout of losing customers and the financial burden that such outcomes have. The Truck Depot has rallied our assets and to maintain and improve our company services moving into the new year, we have made difficult decisions to scale back our locations to survive the continued logistics industry issues felt across the world. Change is the corner post of improvement.

truck depot llc ma

We believe that the choices we have made will allow us to better serve our customers and offer even a better truck parking future in 2022 and beyond. We want to wish all our existing customers the safest and warmest wishes for the holiday season and a brighter outlook for the new year of 2022 and beyond. Change is the only way to build a brighter and better future and that starts now.