New Truck Depot Location

NEW Truck Parking Location in Portland Oregon!

8101 NE 14th Place 97211
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New Truck Depot Location in Portland!

 New Truck Depot Location! Truck Parking at 8101 NE 14th Place in Portland is here! The Truck Depot LLC is proud to annouce our newest truck parking location in Portland Oregon at 8101 NE 14th Place 97211. Right in the center of the industrial region of Portland we have the services and the amenities that truck drivers and owner operators need in order to be successful. We are located just east of the i-5 exit if your going south it is the 99-E exit east to NE Columbia Blvd to 14th place. If your driving i-5 Northbound then take exit 306A to NE Columbia Blvd to 14th Place. 

Our 14th place location offers secured and 24/7/365 monitored truck parking with 22 docks for cross docking services and a drivers lounge. There will be vending machines in the lounge for our customers convenience. We are centerally located near Jubitz Truck Fueling center for fuel services as well as tire services right on the same street as our facility. As part of the Truck Depot family, on site is Long Haul Trucking brokerage that can help with making sure owner operators will never go back out empty. Stay tuned for more details and imagery of the new location opening for business November 1st 2019!


New Truck Depot Yard Build Fairview Oregon

New Truck Depot Yard in Fairview Oregon

23012 NE Sandy Blvd Fairview OR 97024

New Truck Depot Yard in Fairview! Yes, this is a short but to the point post for all of us on the Truck Depot team. We have been able to break ground and will soon be able to park trucks, trailers, and even heavy equipment all looking for a safe place to park. We are going to be able to offer both long term and short term parking to owner operators and truck fleet managers. As is with our yard just one mile east on the same Sandy Blvd, our yard will be fully fenced and have secured entry and exit gates. The yard will be fully monitored by night vision cameras. The differences will be that we will have the newest state of the art camera system that will allow drivers better functioning and security. We will also have a new addition to the truck depot family of products on this site and that will be long term storage containers fully secured similar to home and rv storage units.

Now the differences for the first year here will be that we will not have a warehouse to offer cross docking on site. With that said, we will be offering continuing cross docking services one mile away at our original location while we finish the design and begin the building of a new state of the art warehouse, truck repair facility, and drivers lounge. We are also already operating a cross docking and storage facility in Tacoma Washington by the name of Tacoma Warehouse and Storage. We are working on a package deal next door to our tacoma warehouse and storage facility at 5655 8th ST E Fife WA 98424 that would allow us up to thirty acres of truck parking! that is right across the road from the port of Tacoma. 

So, keep your eyes and ears open for our next and newest location. Also ask us for specials for existing customers.So in case you are in Portland, Gresham, Fairview, Vancouver, or anywhere in the metro portland Vancouver area and are looking for a safe, secure, and business friendly place to park your truck or trailer or RV or heavy equipment think of The Truck Depot.

Truckers protest in New York, Chicago, and California ELD & Truck Parking!

Truckers protest in New York, Chicago, and California ELD & Truck Parking!

Truckers Protest in New York city, Chicago, and California Two days ago. Friday April 12th 2019, many truck drivers took to the street in manhattan and to the freeways in Chicago to protest the increased regulations for the hours of service and the need for increased truck parking facilities across the united states. Honking of air horns and the examples of slow traffic that simulated the congestion of traffic and the slow down in the economy that would be felt if trucking continues to be ignored as it touches every life in the world. 

With the hours of service laws summary being as follows: “Summary of Hours of Service Regulations. The following table summarizes the HOS regulations for property-carrying and passenger-carrying drivers. May drive a maximum of 11 hours after 10 consecutive hours off duty. … A driver may restart a 7/8 consecutive day period after taking 34 or more consecutive hours off duty.” The ELD (Electronic Logging Device) electronically logs every single action and movement and lack of movement of the trucks. For the non driving public this may seem like nothing but good. What if you were at your job in an office like maybe an accountant, and at the end of an eight hour day during the tax season you were given an electric shock if you had to work a little bit just to get your customers taxes submitted before they would get a fine? Well i can assure you that i would not like it at all being shocked. I would also not be in business or at least not be able to grow my business or get a promotion if i lost clients due to the fact that they get fined for their taxes not being filed in time.

This is similar to how drivers feel as they or told they only have a short window of time to do such a huge job and then even if they have the time to get the work done they are spending/wasting hours just looking for a place to park safely to meet the hours of service laws. With the epidemic of the lack of truck parking facilities the laws just are that much more difficult to follow and survive.