Truck Depot is truck parking and more. After a few years of driving trucks across the country in 2012 one man, by the name of Aurel Davidyan, started Truck Depot. Truck Depot was based on the premise that anybody who wants to work hard should have the opportunity to succeed in business. Today, with a current inventory of over 350 trucks and numerous trailers for a variety of different purposes, Truck Depot is able to handle whatever shipping needs your company has. From our humble beginings we have grown to offer secure truck parking, Yard services, Warehousing Services, and Truck Service & Repairs across the Pacific Northwest. For more information, check out how this can work for you in our “Services” page.

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An Innovative Leader in Truck Parking & Services Since 2012

“We personally experienced the troubles and the worries of not only purchasing a truck, to allow us to map out our own future, but the difficulties as an independent owner/operator of finding a secure & safe place to park our biggest investment, when not on the road working.”
“We had the same that every independent truck driver has of finding secure storage, a truck repair and service shop close to our truck to keep costs low, and warehousing services to load or reload to better maximize our profits. Truck Depot is so much more than just a storage yard, it is a independent truck drivers business partner for success.”





Aurel Davidyan


At the age of sixteen, Aurel started his first business. By twenty years of age Aurel created and developed a trucking company that has grown to a successful fleet of trucks in just a few short years.

Aurel has been a leader in his community, in his businesses, and in his private life always seeking ways to enrich the lives of all those around him.



Richard has over twenty-five year of experience in Marketing and operations management of companies, both, national and international.

Richard worked for General Electric as a turn around manager in the United States and Japan. As a Six Sigma experienced leader Richard is always focused on effectiveness of both operations and service to customers.

Mark Sampath Esq.


Mark graduated from the College of William and Mary with a degree in biology, from American University with an MBA in finance, and received his law degree from Lewis & Clark Law School. Prior to practicing law, he spent ten years in the investment management arena, first in Atlanta, Georgia, and then in Stamford, Connecticut, just outside of New York City. During those ten years, he spent the majority of his time evaluating publicly and privately traded companies with market capitalizations ranging from $100 million to $5 billion in order to take long-term investment positions.



A seasoned business owner in Europe, automotive repair facility owner in Washington state for more than a decade, 15 years as manufacturing line manager for Danner Footwear Corp.

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“Aurel and the team at Truck Depot have made my life so much easier and gives me peace of mind when i am home and my truck is safe and secure. They are great and reliable!”

– Joel

“As a female owner operator it was always dangerous for me to have to park my largest investment somewhere while home and then have to go to some dark unsafe place when i was ready to go to work. Now i know i’m safe and so is my truck!”

– Jane

“The staff at The Truck Depot LLC Warehousing is always one step ahead of the game and never fails my team in getting our inventory to where it needs to be on time & in one piece.”

– Jim S
Supply Chain Director, Kitchen Goods Inc.

“ Mr. Davidyan and his concern are most reliable and always complete perfect job for our container to rail freight and storage.”

Hirouki Kijim
President International Logistics Supply, Meisei USA

“The truck depot warehousing services not only handle the warehousing of our products for our end customers but they handle distribution and inventory perfectly for us in the states. ”

– Tim jimelson
Operations Manager, Euro Express L.L.C.

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