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Truck Depot has been offering  safe & secure commercial truck parking for truck owner/operators  since 2012. We offer the best and most cost effective truck and commercial vehicle parking  solutions in the United States. No longer do you have to struggle to find a place to park you truck when you are not working. At truck depot parking is safe, legal, and gives you peace of mind. We offer 24 hour secured site parking, warehousing & docking services, and mechanical services for your truck and your business.

No need to drive around looking for a location big enough to park, no more wondering if you will get a huge parking fine for parking on a public road or even worse getting towed for possibly parking on what turns out to be private property. No more gigantic truck or equipment service bills because you had to either drive to a service shop or have a mobile service come to you.

Truck Depot allows business owners the safe storage of their vehicle & equipment as well as our warehousing services and on site vehicle service and repair shop. We offer the commercial driver the most important things needed when they are home or even on the road just looking for a place to stage for deliveries.

Truck Depot offers our customers a one stop solution for growing and managing their trucking business.

What Truck Depot Offers

While Truck Depot offers the only one of a kind secure storage and trucking services facilities  we also offer extended services via Expo Logistics LLC.

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